We have over 15 years experience in electrical & electronic systems, automation & control, control panel manufacture, remote monitoring, electrical installation and building energy management systems.

Ver Facil Ltd design, manufacture and install LoRa sensors & Gateways and fully understand the antenna selection, power requirements and security.

We offer a full turnkey design, installation and handover solution for our clients Commercial Internet of Things requirements (CIoT) which can be wholly owned and operated by the client or managed by Ver Facil Ltd via our cloud service.

Software engineering for BMS systems such as Tridium Niagara, TREND, OSS, PLC Ladder logic and integration of communication protocols Modbus, BACnet, KNX, C-Bus etc is all provided in-house.

As well as LoRa we install 2G SMS text devices and 3G/4G routers. We understand remote communications, billing, SIM cards, antenna selection and security of access.

Ver Facil Ltd install systems across the UK.

In house capabilities:

Control panel manufacture & testing - CAD drawing, BMS software engineering (Tridium Niagara N4, TREND Controls, BACNet, Modbus, OSS NeOSS / Broadsword)

IoT Engineering - Elsys sensor configuration, Ardunio IDE, Node-Red, MQTT, LoRa, Antenna selection, 2G/3G SIM knowledge, TTN (The Things Network)

Electronics lab/workshop - product design & testing, bench power supplies, oscilloscope, soldering station, 3D printing for bespoke PCB cases etc