A reflection on Royal Cornwall Show 2019

As Royal Cornwall was due to be on now, we thought we would reflect on what a successful event it was for us last year. There were two key areas in which last year was a success for Ver Facil, the deployment of LoRAWAN sensors and the opportunity to meet other businesses, one of whom has become a strategic partner in the last 12 months.

LoRaWAN sensors

We installed an outdoor LoRaWAN gateway which gives coverage across the site. We deployed push button sensors at the toilets across the site providing an easy alert system when the facilities need attending to. We also deployed water meter pulse counter sensors at various points across the site on the pipes underground. This has enabled us to see and compare the water consumption of different areas of the site and detect water leaks. This has enabled early detection of water leaks so they can be fixed before causing more problems, saving time, money and water.

Blog 2 image water meter sensor and consumptionpng

We deployed temperature and carbon dioxide sensors in the food and farming tent to monitor conditions. This means you can know when ventilation needs to be increased to improve the conditions for the visitors and exhibitors.

 food and farming tentpng

We were also able to demonstrate the way that LoRaWAN sensors can be used to monitor independent living accommodation to Cornwall Housing. You can monitor sound levels, light levels and temperature to ensure that the welfare of the residents.

Independent Living Demopng

Rural Business School

The Rural Business School allowed us space on their stand to demonstrate our work with LoRaWAN sensors. It was here that we were introduced to Glas Data and over the last year we have worked with them to form a close partnership to provide smart farm monitoring systems. We are providing and deploying LoRaWAN Internet of Things hardware to collect the data and Glas Data are providing the data visualisation through their GlasCore dashboard, creating a user-friendly monitoring and alert system for the agricultural sector. Through a strategic partnership we offer our agri-tech IoT solutions through the Glas Data brand.