LoRaWAN Sensors

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Harsh Environment Temperature & Humidity Sensor

An IP65 rating enclosure and robust LoRa connectivity allows continuous temperature & humidity monitoring in harsh environments. It also has an incredible maintenance free lifetime of 5 years at a 30-minute measurement interval. 

Example uses:

  • Cheese maturation stores
  • Livestock sheds
  • Greenhouses
  • Warehouse/Goods storage
  • Refrigerated vehicles
  • Server room
  • HVAC systems


Fridge/Freezer Temperature and Humidity Sensor

This sensor is easily mounted on the wall or a shelf in refrigerated or freezer storage, measuring the temperature and humidity.

Use cases:

  • AI Semen storage
  • Refrigerated storage
  • Food production warehouse


Differential Air Pressure Switch

This air pressure switch is used to monitor differential air
pressure. It can be used to monitor air flow from a ventilation fan or the pressure difference between two zones.

Example uses:

  • Ventilation monitoring. (Air flow proving / Fan failure)
  • Calving shed supply air ventilation
  • Bio-security air pressure (positive / negative pressure zones)
  • High care facilities (Keeping dirty air in or out of a high care zone)


External Temperature Probe

This temperature probe has many applications. It can be bonded to pipework to monitor hot and cold liquid temperatures, heating, refrigeration, milk etc or deployed in air to monitor freezer conditions.

Example uses:

  • Hot water cylinders, bonded/strapped to the cylinder or flow pipework.
  • Process pipe work. Flow & return temperature. fitted into stainless steel sensor pocket or strapped to pipework
  • Bulk milk tank. Bonded to the outside of the inner stainless steel tank.


Water Meter Pulse Counter

This water meter pulse counter is supplied with the water meter manufacturers reed switch "pulse output" cable.
Please contact us with your water meter details, part number or photos and we can source the correct cable for your meter.

Example uses:

  • Boundary water meters (where no cable access is possible)
  • Sub-waters
  • Installed along with manufacturers 2 core "pulse output" cable to the water meter. 


LoRaWAN Water Meter

A cold water meter with an embedded LoRaWAN device.

Example uses:

  • Boundary water meters
  • Sub-water metering


(15mm water meter)

Water Leak Detection Cable

This water leak detection cable is easily deployed without the need to source power. Hundreds of these devices can be deployed across

a multi-storey, multi-occupancy building.

Example uses:

  • Data centres / Server rooms
  • Air conditioning drip trays
  • Around water storage vessels
  • Door ways, perimeter walls of dry stores
  • Soil pipes


Radar Counter "People Counter"

A camera-less people counting sensor with LoRaWAN connectivity in slim, IP67 enclosure which is easy to mount.

Example uses:

  • People counting in shops or malls
  • People flow measurement , for example at trade shows or tourist attractions 
  • Facility management
  • Outdoor safety applications


Push Button Sensor

This multi function button sensor monitors when a button is pushed.  

Example uses:

  • Emergency call button
  • Process counter (pressed every time a manual operation is carried out)
  • Recording  visits to monitor animals, grain or produce.
  • Recording visitor feedback, (with two buttons, happy and sad)


LoRaWAN Emergency Push Button

This emergency push button uses a tact switch that is easy to operate and easy to carry. When the emergency button switch is pressed, the alert signal is sent to a centralised monitoring system via the LoRaWAN protocol. “Safe” signals are also sent periodically to report range and battery status.

Example Uses:

  • Emergency call buttons for care at home
  • Lone worker safety


(batteries included)

Rain Gauge

Professional brand tipping bucket rain gauge with 0.2mm resolution complete with LoRa transmitter device. The single spoon tipping bucket design gives more accurate and reliable measurements. The  bucket is made in POM, which is a more dismissive material preventing dust and dirt sticking on the spoon and maximising water release.

Use Cases:

  • Water management in agriculture
  • Irrigation and soil moisture management
  • Water treatment plants


(Bird spikes sold separately at £28)

Weather Station

This weather station records ambient air temperature, humidity, rainfall and is self-powered by a built-in solar panel. This is installed on a  mast/pole or bracketed off a building to best monitor the true weather conditions.

Use cases:

  • Precision agriculture
  • Weather stations


Distance Sensor

This distance sensor can be used to measure liquids or solids. The ultrasonic sensor accurately measures the distance in mm up to a maximum of 4000mm.

Use Cases:

  • River height
  • Water storage tanks (waste water or fresh)
  • Slurry pit liquid level
  • Waste bin height
  • Grain stores
  • Feed storage bins


Pressure Sensor

A fully submersible liquid static pressure sensor.

Example uses: 

  • Water level
  • Ground water level (inside perforated pipe)

Smart Rumen Bolus

This smart rumen bolus contains sensors to monitor the cow's temperature and movement. These devices can easily be deployed by the farmer. 

Example uses:

  • Early heat detection
  • Early disease detection


Micro Trough Temperature Sensor

This is a LoRaWAN trough which monitors water temperature, drinking activity and detects lack of water. 

Example uses:

  • Precision cell grazing
  • Equine automatic water trough (in stable or field)
  • Calf pen water trough


GPS Tracking Sensor

A LoRaWAN GPS tracker that is used to track animals, mostly cattle. The device periodically recharges itself with its solar panel.

Example Uses:

  • Cattle herd management
  • Flock management

Soil Moisture Sensor

These soil moisture sensors are easy to install, simply push the probes into the soil. They are available in four different lengths,  15cm, 30cm, 60cm and 90cm (6", 12", 24", and 36").

Example uses:

  • Smart crop irrigation
  • Smart flower irrigation
  • Greenhouse
  • Slurry spreading management
  • 10% discount for orders of 10 sensors or more
  • 20% discount for orders of 50 sensors or more


SDi12 to LoRaWAN convertor

A    fully autonomous solar powered SDi-12 to LoRaWAN protocol converter. It can self power SDi-12 sensors.
Example uses:
  • Connect SDi-12 water quality & agri sensors to a LoRaWAN network to enable long distance communication


Network Server

You will need access to a network server, if you do not already have this we can manage this for you at £3/sensor/month. For more information please contact us.

Gateway Prices

You will need to buy a LoRaWAN gateway and subscription if you do not already have access to an existing gateway.

Indoor Gateway

Provides a gateway connection to the LoRaWAN network. Suitable for data transmission within buildings or barns.

£ 270 plus £5/mo subscription

Outdoor Gateway

Ruggedised to withstand weather conditions, this gateway provides connection to the LoRaWAN network with several miles coverage. This makes it suitable for data transmission across a wide area of land.

£1250 plus £15/mo

Installation costs are available on application
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