Get a return on investment within one crop cycle

Understand your crop's irrigation needs, improve production efficiency and yield

Too much water in the soil will wash away nutrients. Too little water will harm crop growth.

Monitoring soil moisture allows growers to make effective irrigation decisions. However, current sensors are wired and not remote, making them unusable to monitor multiple points in outdoor farm fields.

Sensoterra is an affordable solution that bridges the gap between independent growers, and large agricultural businesses.

John Werner, of Werner Farms

Sensoterra is an affordable, wireless IoT based and remote system that offers farmers real-time insight into the soil moisture condition of
their crops.

What you see is what you get

  1. Save time on installation. With the probe's rugged design, installation requires a smartphone, a rubber mallet, and a bunch of probes.
  2. Data when and where you need it. Access hourly readings on your smartphone, desktop, or integrate it into your farm's data-dashboard with the open API.
  3. Compare soil moisture levels by day, week, or by season to make smart decisions for increases in yield.
  4. Use across your farm. Probes are completely wireless and portable, using the LoRa wireless network.


Download the case study to see how a strawberry grower used Sensoterra sensors to turn guesses and gut feel into validated decisions to increase yield and crop quality.



Download this case study to see how Sensoterra sensors give agronomists  remote visibility and soil moisture data so they can optimise their time in the field and give informed recommendations for maximum yield