Remotely manage plant quality and health with smart irrigation systems

Get a bird's eye view of all your landscaping and green space projects in a glance.

During periods of dry weather, trees, plants, shrubs and grass need effective irrigation to prevent illness or death. By monitoring the soil moisture levels remotely, landscapers and greenspace managers can keep an eye on which areas require immediate action, preventing plant loss and ensuring greenspace quality.

Sensoterra soil moisture sensors are crucial for landscaping and garden irrigation management. Precise soil moisture management enables smart data driven decisions resulting in increased plant quality and healthier soils.

With Sensoterra sensors we can see at a glance which projects need immediate attention.

René Voogt, ConnectedGreen

The continuous soil moisture measurements enable landscapers and land managers to know which projects need irrigation to prevent over or under irrigation. Precision irrigation can reduce costs and save water.

This saves time, money & irrigation rounds - it keeps the plants healthy

René Voogt, ConnectedGreen