Herd Health Benefits of MoonSyst Smart Rumen Bolus

Have you heard that smart rumen boluses can help improve your herd health but not sure what difference they can really make? Let’s have a look at the features and the difference they can make on the farm.

If you take the Moonsyst smart rumen bolus as an example, there are sensors, temperature and dependent on the model rumen pH, which can give early alerts to health issues.

Fever Alerts

As the bolus sits in the reticulum it accurately records the body temperature of the cow 24/7. You will receive an alert as soon as the cow has a fever so you can treat the cow before they are displaying clinical signs of illness. This means you can treat earlier with gentler treatment reducing the number of cases needing anti-biotic treatments, quicker recovery times and increased yields. This means:

  • Less anti-biotic use
  • Less milk loss to withdrawal periods
  • Less overall milk and meat yield losses to illness

Smart Rumen Bolus Cow Health Infographpng

Rumen Health

The smart rumen bolus with a Rumen pH sensor help to identify cattle with subacute ruminal acidosis or SARA. Cattle with SARA do not always show clinical signs, making it difficult to diagnose without testing the pH of the rumen.

Using an intra-ruminal bolus with a pH sensor can provide you with the information to manage the cows diet to prevent acidosis and provide any treatment necessary. This means:

  • Improved cow health
  • Less milk loss to SARA
  • Less milk quality reduction due to SARA

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