Looking Ahead to Royal Cornwall Show 2021

As we look ahead to Royal Cornwall Show 2021 we are looking at how we can deploy more sensors to provide further benefits to the show organisers. We will be attending all three days on a tradestand with our partner, Glas Data.

LoRaWAN sensors

Over the next 12 months we will be deploying a range of sensors at the show ground to enable further monitoring of the site.

On each of the entrances we plan to deploy radar people counting sensors. This will provide people counting both in and out of the entrances so the total number of people on site can be known across the event. We may also look to extend this out to the more popular tent too.

We will also demonstrate our autonomous solar PV powered LoRaWAN antenna at the Glas Data tradestand. We have developed this set up to enable remote positioning of an antenna without needing mains electricity and ethernet access so that this technology can be implemented anywhere.

We are currently looking for a farmer who will be attending the cattle showing classes who would be prepared to allow us to demonstrate the use of the Moonsyst smart rumen bolus. This bolus contains multiple sensors to monitor temperature and movement. This enables precise heat detection, health monitoring and fever alerts allowing for early treatment. If you would like to discuss this with us please contact us on 01208 811277 or office@verfacil.co.uk

Glas Data Tradestand

We will be attending all three days of the event on the Glas Data tradestand. We provide and deploy LoRaWAN Internet of Things hardware to collect data and Glas Data are provide the data visualisation through their GlasCore dashboard, creating a user-friendly monitoring and alert system for the agricultural sector. Through a strategic partnership we offer our agri-tech IoT solutions through the Glas Data brand.

Over the three days we will be demonstrating a range of the sensors available and Glas Data will be showing their GlasCore dashboard to the farming community.