LoRaWAN is the Future of Building Management Systems

Rapid and cost effective deployment of any BMS (building management system) has long been a dream with only the kilometres of cabling holding back the progress. In a world of innovation, low power long range radio devices are really shining the light towards further modernisation of BMS.

Why Change?

You may ask why change, why migrate away from traditional cable installations?. One thing we all know as people of the 21st century is that wireless technology offers ease of placement. One problem with radio transceivers is the bandwidth problem, how do you send very little data without discharging a freight of single use batteries. LP-WAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks) have ballooned with efficiency innovation in the last decade with one standard in particular, LoRaWAN!

LoRaWAN doesn’t use any of the power hungry features that of Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. One essential rule to follow (to truly optimise battery life and success) is that less is better. Typically LoRa sensor devices send only 50bits of data and only every 15-30 minutes which gives battery lives of 5+ years and many now offering 10+ year battery life.

So what does all this really mean?

Well, put a LoRaWAN receiving "gateway" in an optimum position and have the ability to deploy thousands of sensors. Last but not least, sensors can be placed far beyond the limits of maximum cable lengths. LoRa device can be installed 5000, 10,000 metres away from the receiver.

So in essence, LoRaWAN BMS sensors equal easy installation and lower installation costs. With a quick return on investment, profit savings allowing you to do more of what you do best.

Seamless integration

Ver Facil Limited are able to seamlessly integrate LoRaWAN devices with traditional BMS, BACnet & Modbus without the need for cloud connections. A hardware solution free on ongoing subscriptions.