What are the benefits of water metering?

Would you like to know how to manage your water consumption, save money and identify leaks quickly?

Water Meters in Households

Water is something we can’t do without, but unlike utilities such as gas and electric, we can’t shop around for the best deals - we simply have to pay our local water board for the privilege of enjoying water as and when we need it.

In households, water bills are calculated based on the rateable value of a property, so if you have a large house, your bill is more likely to be higher than that of someone in a smaller house. Unfortunately, this system does not consider the number of people living in the property and how much water they are using.

Fortunately - all is not lost - you could make savings on your annual water bill by switching to a water meter. Many water companies are now fitting water meters as standard, but everyone has the right to ask their water company for a water meter and it costs nothing for installation (please check with your local water company).

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Water Meters in Businesses

From 2017, the non-domestic water market in England was deregulated - this means that businesses can choose which company they want to buy their retail water services from. Most businesses have water meters already installed to measure water usage at any given time but many business owners don’t know where they are located

Where is your water meter located?

·         Small or medium sized business - you may have one or two water meters depending on the size of the premises and the nature of your company. Your water meters may vary in size and location but will often be located inside the premises near to where the water pipe enters the property.

·         Large commercial company - it is more likely that you will have an external water meter which may be located in a plant room or specific meter chamber.

Metered companies are responsible for the water use recorded on their meter - including wastage and leaks.


Benefits of a Water Meter

Water meters measure the volume of water delivered to a property and premises and offer several benefits:

·         You Become Water Wise – having a water meter makes you more aware of how much water you are using. If your water bill is high, it will give you an incentive to use less.

·         You Can Save Money – a water meter can accurately determine the exact amount of water used within the premises and therefore could save you money. The less water you use, the lower your bills.

·         Leak Detection – A water meter is a great first defence tool for detecting leaks in your infrastructure enabling you to address issues before they become costly. Check your bills for unusual water use.

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