Why is water control important?

Controlling the flow of water is necessary in so many situations and it is very easy to rack up expensive water bills through inadvertent water loss.

Water Control in Buildings

Unwanted water in your home or business can be very worrying and has the potential to cause a lot of damage very quickly.

Often leaks can be spotted through damp patches on walls or you may even see a leak spring up - it is vital that you take immediate action to avoid any costly damage to the building structure, furniture, furnishings and more.

Unfortunately flooding can take a long time to recover from, so it’s important you take measures to prevent leaks before they happen.

Water Control in Farming

Cattle need water to drink and they need to be kept well hydrated.

Drinking up to 60 litres per day, it is essential to the success of dairy farming that farmers can quickly and easily increase water flow to troughs in order to maintain supply. It is also important not to waste water.

If there is a limited supply of water, cows will eat less and if the water is of poor quality, the livestock will reduce their water intake - this in turn has an affect on meat yields and increase the prevalence of disease.

Water troughs need to be monitored throughout the day as slow refills or insufficient space can cause cattle to become distressed - they will not graze as much, as they try to compete for water.


Water Control and Irrigation

One of the skills of gardening and growing crops is knowing when to water and therefore you need know the amount of moisture already in the soil. The amount of soil moisture is important to know for the following reasons:

  • Soil water is a carrier of food nutrients and is essential for plant growth
  • The yield of a crop is more determined by the amount of water available rather than food deficiency
  • Soil water is a nutrient itself
  • Soil water regulates the temperature of the soil
  • Soil forming processes and weathering depend on water
  • It is a principal constituent of a growing plant
  • And more!

Manually checking soil moisture levels is time consuming and it can be difficult to know how much to give your plants. Over watering can lead to higher water costs.


Water control valves are one way of obtaining efficient pressure and flow management. Click here to find out more.